Day: April 19, 2023

Sustainability in the Food Service Industry
To make your kitchen more sustainable, set achievable goals and create a plan of action. Start small by identifying gaps in your menus, regularly training your staff, and promoting creativity in the workplace. Let’s work together to make a positive impact on the environment, If you want to learn more about sustainable practices for kitchens, be sure to check out our blog for additional tips and resources.
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A chef preparing a delicious fruit cake during a cooking class in Dubai
From Sunrise to Sunset: The Life of a Chef during Ramadan
Muslims observe Ramadan, as a period of reflection, prayer, community, and fasting, during which they refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sundown. However, chefs are constantly exposed to food, tasting, and quality checks, all of which are part of their profession. Have you ever wondered how during Ramadan, when eating and drinking are prohibited, how do chefs manage this restriction? They have a busy and interesting day, let’s take a look at what a concierge does at The H Dubai.
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